Online education continues to evolve from strength to strength


The education system sees literally millions of eager students through its systems around the world, every year. As long as education has existed as an industry (and even longer), there has been an interest. Without higher education, for example, individuals who are interested in building a career in medicine would not have an avenue to teach them the valuable skills that are vital to becoming a surgeon or a practicing doctor. Over the years, the number of individuals keen on bettering themselves academically has not declined. Rather, the education industry’s traditional methods and models no long apply to all individuals who want to study towards their career.

More than ever, the current generations are busier than past generations. With modern life being so demanding, and other factors like having a family or having to work to put food on the table, traditional education at a brick-and-mortar university just is not a viable option for every student anymore. Queue online training and the rise of online education. The students of today and into the future do want to experience higher education, but they want to do it with their freedom intact. And even more than that, many of them have families to take care of and jobs that they must balance in alignment with their education.

This is why online education is such a gold mine – for both the industry and the students who take it upon themselves to study higher education. The reality that we live in today demands balance in all aspects of our lives. Traditional university experiences effectively eliminated any kind of balance, because students had to be on campus, at specified times, that were broadly chosen for all students who took the course. This method of education still is – and always will be – incredibly efficient and popular, but today there is a demographic in the student population that craves more convenience and personalisation in their higher education experience.

Online education offers both these ideals on a beautiful silver platter. Students that want to study but have other ongoing commitments can study online, effectively allowing them to choose their schedules and study in their own time (save for due dates and examination times…those still generally have to be scheduled, but even so). Studying online can be – and often is – the perfect fit for individuals that cannot seem to make traditional learning work for their circumstances. No matter how bad they want it, or how hard they try, sometimes the stars just do not align for some students to study the traditional way.

Online education started out as what many in the industry and in general thought to be a passing phase. “It won’t last”, people said. “There is nothing wrong with the old-school way of education”. While the cautious were not correct about online education being a temporary craze, they were right when they said that there is nothing wrong with traditional education. Modern, online education is not about proving traditional learning methods and models wrong, but strengthening the weaknesses and creating a stronger industry all round. Thanks to online education, the education industry is more inclusive than it has ever been. It is about time.

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