The wild adventure of studying abroad


Education is of course a unique adventure that is equal parts challenging and rewarding. This is even truer for higher education. As a college or university student, there is a world of opportunity available to you. It is important to always remember that access to education is a privilege, and one should always strive to embrace as many of the experiences and opportunities that come their way because of their education. There are many, many experiences and opportunities, and all of them have their own distinct advantages and benefits. It can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Without a doubt, one of the most exhilarating and unforgettable experiences you can have as a higher education student is one that is (perhaps surprisingly) off campus. Of course, higher education (and all avenues of education, for that matter) is about excelling and growing academically and intellectually, but it is also about growing personally. And what better way to do that during your years as a higher education student, than to head overseas to study for a semester or two. Studying abroad is an academic experience that is steadily drawing more and more students in with every new year.

The adventure of a student’s lifetime

Being a higher education student is an adventure in itself, but there is nothing quite like the wild adventure of embracing overseas study. Often aptly described as the adventure of a (student’s) lifetime, overseas study encourages students to embrace the unknown and dive deep into a world of adventure and wild experiences. Becoming a student of the world means that you are open and ready for new adventures, and willing to embrace them even when they are daunting, even scary, to begin with. When studying abroad, you have the best of both worlds, without the need to constantly be see-sawing between the two.

Embracing balance between life and study

Studying abroad gives you the chance to study while exploring and travelling the world. It is a sense of freedom that has not always been a possibility, and it remains quite unique for this fact even now. But with this once in a lifetime experience, comes the need to learn to balance between adventure and study. Some abroad students do so by studying throughout the week, giving them a night or two throughout the week to go out and explore, and the weekends for longer adventures. Others opt to seek the assistance of an essay writing service to help them keep up with their workload. Either way, finding the right balance for you is crucial.

Expanding your network before even graduating

One common problem among fresh college or university graduates is that by the time they graduate and take their first steps into the workforce, they find that it really can be all about who you know. In a world that has become more advanced and thus more competitive under the eye of digital and technological advancement, knowing the right people can make a world of difference. Studying abroad gives you the chance to expand your professional network not only before you have even graduated and entered the workforce, but around the world, making connections that you might never have if you had stayed at home. Use your experience studying abroad to network as well as learn and enjoy yourself in a new place.

Acing an interview straight out of college


School does not quite prepare students for the real world. There is no class you can take to teach you how to submit your taxes, how it works and how to settle your utility bills. One of the most glaring problems in our education system is that we do not have a class dedicated solely to interviews. We have to learn through trial and error before becoming somewhat competent at interviews, but the secret lies in research and being proactive. 

Make sure you have something to offer the company

Fresh graduates often think that they are the shiny new penny that all companies should want. That kind of thinking is disappointing, and many learn quickly that if you do not have anything special to offer that makes you stand out from the rest of the herd, you will simply blend in. 

Taking a SEE program or having volunteer experience will make a resume stand out from one that lacks experience or further qualifications. Too many resumes are a carbon copy of the other with only extracurriculars making any (small) difference. 

What interviewer want to know when they ask you to talk about yourself

Probably one of the most stressful parts of an interview, the moment the interviewer asks you to tell them something not already on the resume or to talk about yourself. Where to begin? Career coach, Sarah Archer, suggests, “My best advice is to choose five things about yourself that are relevant to the job, eg your qualification, particular experience, specific skills you can bring and a passion or interest and use these to construct an answer. Don’t give too much detail.” 

You do not want to overwhelm the interviewer with oversharing but at the same time, you do not want to underwhelm the interviewer into thinking that there is truly nothing interesting about you. You can start with a quirk which is relevant to your job-scope, for instance, a passion for horseback riding and how it taught you perseverance and how you will be able to apply the same mentality to your position. 

Turn on the charm

Interviews do not have to be formal affairs where you put on a mask to hide anything human about yourself in a bid to seem ‘professional’. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make because they think that is what companies want. The truth is, you can be professional and still be yourself. Inject a little humor and do not be afraid to let who you are show – it will make you a more memorable candidate. 

It is also worth noting that being awkward will carry and affect the atmosphere, making interviewers as uncomfortable as you are. If you are able to make your interviewers feel at ease, you have won half the game because it is psychologically proven that we gravitate towards those who make us feel good, comfortable and secure. 

Be honest but not divulge all the details

The truth about finding a job is on everyone’s mind: the pay. But it is something worth holding back on until you actually secure the job. Do not be afraid that you will not get another chance to discuss your pay before you are hired, you will. Also, if asked regarding why you left your previous job, it will be prudent to stay tight lipped and only share the absolute necessary, especially if there is negativity involved. 

The reasons sending abroad study enrolments surging upward


Education is without a doubt one of the most prominent core components in modern life. As a student, there are so many different choices and paths to choose from throughout the journey. There are always new opportunities to be taken advantage of, new skills to be learned, and new chances to be considered. One of those choices that is proving to be exceedingly popular around the world is none other than abroad study. Once a niche offering available only to the richest of the rich, abroad study is now offered to the wider student body across the world, and it is becoming more and more popular a study approach with every passing day. It is little wonder, what with the opportunity to learn and adventure at the same time. Abroad study gives students an entirely unique chance to branch out from the ordinary and soar into the extraordinary.

The world as your oyster

Whether the underlying reason for studying abroad to master mandarin at a legitimate Chinese language school in China, or learn the arts in New York, USA, or any other manner of international study opportunities available to you, the point is always the same: in embracing and diving into studying overseas, you are understanding and taking advantage of the fact that the world is your oyster, and you are entirely in control of how that experience unfolds. Studying overseas gives students a literal world of opportunities to choose from. With nowhere to go but anywhere, there is excitement and lessons to be had around every corner, and from every angle.

Abroad study as the ultimate edge for future career prospects

It is no secret that employers these days are always looking for candidates who have something a little different in their resumes, to set them apart from the competition. What better way to insert that into your own resume, than to study overseas? Abroad study shows that you are willing to dive out of your comfort zone, to commit to an experience you know nothing about prior, and to embrace opportunities as they come at you. There is nothing quite like having real-world experience, and abroad study offers that up on a glittering silver platter, with all the trimmings to boot.

Studying overseas as a personal growth exercise

As well as broadening your horizons academically and intellectually, studying overseas also inevitably helps you to grow more as a person. In embracing and wholeheartedly accepting the challenging adventure of overseas study, you are effectively putting the wheels in motion to evolve more as an individual. There is much to be said about the power of embracing the unknown, and what it can do for the soul. Abroad study places you in the thick of the unknown, and effectively leaves you to your own devices to find your way through the process. It is both daunting and exciting, and there is no doubt that studying abroad will teach you more about yourself than your classes ever will. A true win-win, right?