Two definite improvements that show there is a new wave of education


Over the past few years, education has changed immensely. In the past, education was viewed simply as a means to garner a graduation diploma. Recently, more and more students want to focus on education to understand and partake on different career paths. Additionally, the importance of education has risen in recent years as more authoritative figures understand its direct impacts on children. Through better means of education and learning, the whole industry has started to transform. Students can focus on their passions from an earlier age and teachers can change the manner in which lessons are delivered. This new wave of education has taken place by either direct or indirect influence from the advancements in technology as well as the newfound importance of mindfulness. It has never been easier for students to find personalized support for assignments simply by typing “pay someone to do my assignment” online. Teachers have begun to understand the impacts of concentration and peacefulness on the education provided. It is important to explore the 2 improvements more to understand their entire impact.

These are the 2 definite improvements that show there is a new wave of education:

  1. Technology

Education Technology otherwise known as Ed Tech, has become one of the largest growing industries in the past year. Technology has transformed the way in which education is delivered as well as the way in which students process the education material. Therefore, the growth of the Ed Tech industry has been inevitable, but more importantly, beneficial. A lot of new technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and personalized learning have made their way into daily classrooms. Artificial Intelligence, for example, is being used consistently worldwide for text-to-speech purposes; supporting dyslexic students as well as helping students learn new languages. Additionally technology has also allowed students to recognize their needs and become acquainted with a variety of platforms. The technological advancements have also started to find way into remote villages in countries around the world, overall increasing the impact of education worldwide.

  1. Mindfulness

Another aspect of education that has recently seen growth is the integration of mindfulness into the classroom. Much research has found that stress can be detrimental to a student’s success and that many different situations in the classroom can trigger it. Therefore, in recent years, as technology has also significantly decreased a student’s attention span, so has mindfulness. Meditation has become a way of punishment to help students learn calmness, while also being used in classrooms to improve focus. Additionally, schools are finding a link between artistic and academic intelligence incorporating more of the prior to the classrooms. Furthermore, education all over the world is being influenced by the addition of more “artistic” periods into the daily schedule as it assists in the learning of academic knowledge. Both of these innovations have helped increase student productivity as well as achievement.

Overall, this new wave of education has become a necessity to the system and the schools. Nonetheless, even though it has long-term and short-term benefits, the new additions need to be regulated carefully. Each aspect if not provided and added in a carefully organized manner can result in the opposite effect. The education system will continue changing as it will have to become 

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