How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay: 10 Easy Steps


The time you have invested in searching for a scholarship is so much. From contacting organizations that provide these opportunities, visiting embassies to ask about scholarship positions and how to apply. The stress you have undergone is too much that you don’t want to back once you secure that scholarship position.

When you receive your scholarship application form, it will be accompanied by an essay that you are supposed to write for you to be considered to the university of choice. For you to win the scholarship, you need to write an excellent essay. It is your decision to choose essay writing service or to write it by yourself.

To write that perfect, you need to follow these ten steps.

Start Immediately

When you receive your scholarship, the essay doesn’t look at the time you have to complete the paper. But start right away for you to have time to proofread after completion. Most students miss an opportunity to secure a scholarship award because of waiting until the deadline day to write and submit the work. Remember, last-minute work usually has many errors. To avoid them start immediately.

Go Through the Prompt Thoroughly

A prompt is a question that the essay you are given must answer. When assigned any essay, you are always given a prompt. So, before you start writing immediately, you need to go through your prompt carefully. If the university wants you to write about yourself, then the prompt will ask you for something that has impacted your life.

Write Down Your Ideas

Once you are done reading the prompt, you need to start brainstorming for ideas. You cannot start writing immediately. You need to get a pen and a paper and write some ideas that will give you a hint of what you will write about.

Come Up with a Topic and An Outline

The topic you choose is essential as it determines if the reader will continue reading the essay or not. So, make sure it is eye-catching for you to get an opportunity to win a scholarship. When done looking for a good topic, you can now write an outline. Your outline should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Describe Yourself

To make sure that you write a great essay that will enable you to win the scholarship, then you need to talk about yourself. Your strengths should be included in this part. In most cases, the piece could be to a maximum of a thousand words.

Include your Reader

After writing about yourself, you need to ensure you incorporate your reader in the essay. You need to ensure that when they read the piece, they feel it is you talking to them. That will be easy for them to award you a scholarship.

Be Focused

For your attention to remain constant, you need to focus while writing the essay. Distractions can make you lose focus hence going out of topic. Ensure that you stay focused as you write.

Check for Spelling Mistakes

While writing, you can make some spelling mistakes that you are unaware of. When you finalize your writing, you need to check for spelling mistakes.

Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes

The one thing that makes many students miss a scholarship position is grammar and punctuation mistakes. As you write, you can properly use the right punctuation and avoid grammar mistakes. If you that is challenging, then use grammar and punctuation apps to check your work.

Fluffy Conclusions

Remain on point as the person reading your essay may be tired and wants to get the end of your article. On your conclusion, you need to avoid unnecessary words. When you use them, the chances of your piece being dropped are high.