Adaptive learning resource completed and launched as planned


The adaptive learning resource was completed and launched ahead of Semester 2, as planned. We deployed the resource first to the undergraduate students enrolled into ACCT2201 (Corporate Accounting) and later also made it available to the post-graduate students in ACCT5511 (Intermediate Corporate Financial Accounting).

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Tick Tock



Just as the clock keeps ticking, so our adaptive learning project ticks along. In the past month good progress has been made in compiling the feedback on most of the business transactions used in the tool.  Once agreement was reached on the template to be used in Articulate, our development team also started populating the pages in Articulate with the transactions. We will be running a second round of Student Think Aloud sessions in June. Towards the end of June testing of the tool will commence.

Student Think-Aloud Protocols

Young man sitting at table with laptop. Collage drawing

We ran a number of Student Think-Aloud Protocols with students currently enrolled in an introductory accounting unit. Think-aloud protocols can be defined as an approach to be used by researchers to have students verbalise what they are thinking and doing as they work through a given task. It can be used to identify concepts students struggle with and the factors that they find frustrating , but also to see which concepts the students do not have any difficulty in answering.

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Articulate /ɑːˈtɪkjʊlət/ – having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently.

Upon learning that the LMS does not allow adaptive learning at a detailed level, alternatives were sought for developing the adaptive learning resource. The project team considered a number of software options, and the final decision was made between SmartSparrow and Articulate. Ultimately it was decided, for this project, to go with Articulate Storyline 2.

Technology issues aside, good progress is being made on the materials that will form the base for the resource. This month the project team continues to work on the transactions to be included in the adaptive learning resource, edging towards a set of business transactions that “speak fluently and coherently”, ready to be converted into a set of adaptive learning activities.



Storyboarding has come a long way since it was first developed by Walt Disney in the 1930’s, with a host of application possibilities, long not restricted to being a graphic organiser for pre-visualing movies, etc.

We will be using the concept of storyboarding in the next phase of the project to convert the topics and transactions into a chronological scenario, whereafter we will be able to add more depth to the content while digitising the tool.

The adaptive learning project team


The adaptive learning project has a core team of three members (who you will learn about more in this post), but we are part of a bigger team tapping into the knowledge and experience of colleagues within the UWA Business School as well as being supported by the team in the Centre of Education Futures.

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