The greatest Chinese restaurants guide in Perth 珀斯最棒的中餐厅指南


There is a special term called “中国胃” (Chinese Stomach) in China, which means no matter where you are, no matter how tasty of the exotic food, in the end,  you alway want to find a Chinese restaurant and grab some traditional chines food to satisfy your stomach. Well, it makes sense, the flavor of hometown always can comfort you.

When I’m asking for many of Chinese international student “What is the most thing that you were missing when you are in Australia?”. And the most answer that I get is “the Chinese food”. Well, I think we all have a Chinese Stomach.ChineseRestaurant




For those current Chinese international students who lives in Perth, I’m sure you already taste some of great Australia food, such as the tender fish and chips, juicy meat pies or sweet Pavlova, and now you must desperate searching for some great Chinese restaurants.






So I will recommend an article “The ultimate guide to Chinese culinary hot spots in Perth” for
you. This article has introduced a series of Chinese cuisine from the Western to the Southern(China has eight famous cuisine, like SiChuan cuisine, Cantonese, HuaiYang,etc.), and the author also recommended some great Chinese restaurants for different cuisines.

If your have no idea where to find the best Chinese food in Perth, I believe this article will be an excellent guide for you and it also can expand your Chinese food map in Perth.


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5 thoughts on “The greatest Chinese restaurants guide in Perth 珀斯最棒的中餐厅指南

  1. As a foodie from China, looking for authentic Chinese cuisine is one important mission for me as well and I always keep track of related issues. I have tried pretty much all the proper Chinese cuisines in Perth and most of them are really nice. Here I would like to note one thing about Chinese food in Perth which might not be known for some Western people who have not been to China, that the “Chinese food” in Perth is not always authentic.

    Generally, the “Chinese cuisine” in Western countries always tends to taste “inauthentic” due to the change of recipe and ingredients to cater for the preference and taste of Western people. For example, as Sichuan (or Szechuan) cuisine is one of the most popular Chinese cuisines in China and throughout the world, we witness the booming of Sichuan food business. However, one of the most distinguished features of Sichuan cuisine, the flavour of a hot, spicy and “tingly-numbing” sensation, is always softened and diluted intentionally since there is no tradition of eating hot and spicy food in most Western countries.

    Another reason that leads to the “inauthenticity” of Chinese food overseas, is that some of the authentic Chinese ingredients are considered strange in Western culture, such as bamboo shoots, lotus roots, “weird animal parts” (lungs, intestines, etc.), frogs and so forth. For that certain ingredients are not on the food list for most Westerners, the recipes for Chinese cuisine overseas are always modified.

    However, no matter how the Chinese food we are having in other countries could be “less Chinese”, the taste of Chinese food is still as good whatsoever. So lets just follow the guide and enjoy the awesome taste of China.

  2. As an Australian with Italian heritage I understand how great it is when you find a restaurant with authentic and traditional food which does not attempt to dilute traditions for the sake of different tastes. True traditional food should be showcased in all its original glory in another country which may not be familiar with the food so these people may experience them as if they were in that country. I dearly miss the food In Italy as compared to the Italian restaurants here in Australia, so if I was a Chinese student in Australia I feel that I would also truly miss the food back home as it is one of the integral things that is tied to your culture. I am sure Chinese people are very proud of their food as would any diaspora worldwide. Food maintains a strong link to their homeland and is something that you would have grew up with and therefore love. Therefore if I were Chinese I would be very happy with this article as I would love a great list to find traditional Chinese restaurants in a place that I may be unfamiliar with and therefore would find them difficult to find. Collating them into an article/blog which is readily available is something I would really appreciate and serves as an easily accessible place to find these restaurants!
    thanks again!

  3. Hi there, great article about the best Chinese restaurants in Perth! 🙂

    I think that when we travel to another country, so much of how we learn about the culture is through our experiences of enjoying the local cuisine. Who doesn’t love food? Trying new things when we visit other places is one of the most exciting parts of exploring the world. I like how you talked about having tried the ‘local’ Australian cuisine – pavlovas, meat pies and fish and chips. Australian food is so incredibly hard to define because our culture is so diverse! To me, the real Australian food is that of our first nations people. The Indigenous people of this land have a cuisine all of their own and I think that is what true Australian food is! But we are lucky to live in a nation where there are so many different cuisines to enjoy.

    I really think your article will appeal to the Chinese students who come to Australia. As much as we might enjoy the local food of the country we are visiting, sometimes we just need that taste of home! I remember when I was living overseas I would ask my Mum to send me over some vegemite and some tim tams just to have a taste of home. So if Chinese people can find some really authentic food that reminds them of their own country it can make the pang of homesickness a little less intense.

    I have never been to China but quite enjoy Chinese food. However, I have heard from some of my Chinese friends that some of the Chinese food here in Australia is not very authentic at all and is super oily and bland. I would love to try the ‘real’ Chinese food that one could find when they are visiting the country! So I will definitely take a look at this list!

  4. I read your blog and this is very informative and quality blog. In Perth, there are various Italian restaurants in Perth that host fabulous and elaborate functions.In this blog you share all the important things about Chinese restaurants in Perth.Have A Nice Day!!!

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