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Welcome to the first episode of Panda Listens!

Panda Listens is a podcast where Panda Down Under team members discuss anything and everything Chinese international students want to know about studying in Australia.

Joining us in our first podcast episode are Panda Down Under creators Nick Maclaine and Benita Qian, with Benita’s friend Siyuan (who prefers to be called Yang). Benita and Siyuan are both from China and chat to Nick about their experiences since coming to study at the University of Western Australia.

How they think think university life in Australia compares to China, and what do they think about Chinese food in Australia? Find out by listening to the first podcast episode below:

Did you enjoy the first episode of Panda Listens? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. And if you have any suggestions about what we should talk about in our upcoming series of Panda Listens podcasts, feel free to leave a comment or send us a message through our Facebook page.

One thought on “? Panda Listens | 熊猫聊天室

  1. Hey guys,
    Really interesting podcast. So great to hear about how Chinese students perceive Australian life and also what it’s like at an international university. I’ve never studied internationally, but I have lived abroad for a year. It was in the UK which has many similarities to Australia, though there are some differences, but I imagine not as many as coming from China to Australia. I think a lot of people here don’t really understand the idea of culture shock and how different other cultures are. And especially when you move from somewhere you’ve lived your whole life to go and live, work and study in a completely different continent, with another language, culture and value system, it can be very difficult. This podcast really was great to hear about what it is like for those students coming from another country into Australia to study and what they think of it, how it differs from home (and how our Chinese food compares!). I was interested to hear that “independent” was a word used to describe life here in Australia. I’m definitely keen on your next podcast which I’m hoping will be a direct comparison of life in China compared to Australia by someone who has experienced both!

    I’ll be watching this space!

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