Calling all WA peeps with SCI – please join our bladder care study!

Anyone living in WA who has incurred a SCI during the last 20 years – traumatic or otherwise – is now eligible to join our study. We’ll be recruiting for the next few months, so it’s not too late to get involved!

We’re learning so much already, especially that circumstances, experiences and bladder health realities are incredibly diverse. Why not add your story to the mix, ensuring we build an accurate picture of what is working well – and what is definitely not – when it comes to post-SCI bladder care in our community.

All we need is your time for ~30 minutes over the phone. Your privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed, and because we so appreciate your  input as an expert in the field, we will provide a $50 gift card as thank you.

Everything we learn, particularly about the things people are finding most difficult in terms of catheterising, dealing with UTIs and accessing resources and support in the community, will be shared with policy and decision-makers in Health and our clinical co-investigators. The knowledge will inform targeted education and the design of programs to improve bladder health and follow-up for people impacted by SCI now and in the future.

Because we know better bladders lead to better, happier lives!

Please email or for more information.

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