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eBooks are one of the best ways to generate leads for business. An eBook is a piece of content that goes into detail about a specific topic. eBooks are for digital viewing, whether it’s on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, so the ideal format is PDF, slides or an app. The structure is like a book. However, it’s much shorter and visually appealing with images, lists, graphs, and diagrams. Businesses can use eBooks as part of a digital marketing strategy, to attract prospective customers that align with your product.

Why use eBooks for digital marketing?

1. eBooks can generate leads

eBooks provide a subtle marketing tactic that allows prospects to find you, rather than the other way around. Done correctly, eBooks are an effective strategy for generating relevant leads. As a marketing tool, eBooks are unique because they don’t appear as a marketing tactic. Applying a medium usually used to entertain, you can offer your company’s expertise to a targeted audience. You can use customer testimonials and turn them into case studies, having an industry expert show how customer’s issues were solved.

2. eBooks can build your brand

An eBook can be used to boost your brand image. They add a level of credibility and seriousness to what you are providing and makes you stand out in your field as an expert. eBooks can raise your profile, obtaining traction with potential customers, and creating awareness.

3. eBooks can offer valuable knowledge to your target audience

Through content and design, you can also entertain and captivate your audience, thus driving them to come back to your website in the future. The topic of your ebook should be about something relevant to the industry, something that will draw your audience in and teach them something. You can use an ebook to set your company up as a thought-leader and a trusted source of information on the topic.

How can eBooks be used to market to your audience?

Create an in-depth, high-quality eBook written for a specific audience.

Creating an in-depth high-quality eBook will involve research, and careful planning of the design and layout of your eBook. Your eBook will need to be written for the audience you want to target, if you want to draw warm leads. Alternatively, you can hire professional writers to write a book report for you to produce a high quality eBook in a short amount of time.

Tell people about your eBook.

Once you have your eBook content geared to attract a certain audience, now you just need to reach this audience. There are many ways to do this. Either by word of mouth, Youtube videos, posting in forums, or sending it out to an existing email list if you have one.

Use a landing page and capture their name and email address in exchange for the eBook.

You need to be able to contact your prospective customers once you have successfully attracted them to read the eBook. A simple way to do this is to integrate a form that they have to fill out before getting access to the eBook. This at minimum, will need to include their name, email address and phone number.

Produce a list of people that are interested in your topic, and the customers that may have a problem that your product can solve.

Now that you have a list of contacts that are interested in the topic of the eBook, you’ll be able to contact them and sell your product as they are more likely to have a problem, or are more receptive to your product as their interests will align with that of your product.

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  1. I think actually providing people with a free ebook plus shipping costs would be most effective. That way, people will give their email address more willingly. Lots of people are more happy to receive items in the mail. Ebooks are becoming outdated.

  2. That’s a really interesting post. I’m new to digital marketing and also working in a specific field of work, I found some really cool tips in your article for my job.

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